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300 Click for offerHer courtship worked. When the district redrew its boundaries and several students were threatened with having to go to another school, some of the immigrant parents fought to stay at South Grade.

Through July 7 at the Irish Repertory Theater, Manhattan; 212-727-2737, irishrep.org. Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEI’d just finished my sophomore year when I ran into Mary Gordon, possibly Barnard’s most prominent faculty member, on the corner of Broadway and 116th Street. I’d taken her fiction-writing workshop that semester, and she’d made a point of letting me know that she doesn’t normally take sophomores. She may have meant this as a compliment, but I took it as a warning: You hardly deserve to be here, so step it up. I was heading to the library and she’d just come from the gym. I wasn’t sure I was supposed to be seeing her like this — sweaty, in her workout gear. But she hailed me down. “What are you reading this summer?” she began, almost as if we’d already discussed the subject.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYAl Reinert’s captivating documentary takes footage from multiple Apollo missions and creates a kind of moon-mission supercut. It is achieved with breathtaking footage, some shot by the astronauts themselves. In her New York Times review, Caryn James wrote that Reinert “changes points of view so smoothly and quickly that he evokes an omniscient sense of being everywhere at once.”

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The creators of “The Incident Room,” David Byrne and Olivia Hirst, said that ethically they did not want to use “the murder of a woman as a dramatic foundation,” and to find other ways to make the show thrilling.

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The conservative anti-abortion push gained momentum after Brett M. Kavanaugh replaced Anthony M. Kennedy on the Supreme Court, giving conservatives a possible fifth vote to uphold new limits on abortion.

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RT: It’s like talking about what we’re looking at today.

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Semenya announced plans to try the 3,000 meters after losing an initial ruling in May. But that event is not run at the world championships or the Olympics.

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